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Our alpacas are our family members at Timber View Farm. We do everything we can to be sure they are happy, comfortable, and well-fed.  Caring for an animal can be costly and time-consuming.  We feed them high-quality hay and treats.  We keep their pasture green and their barn clean! By adopting one of these adorable and irresistible alpacas, you will be contributing to the overall health and happiness of the alpaca of your choice. Proceeds will be distributed among food, shelter, veterinary care, farm and pasture upkeep, grooming and shearing, and the general every day needs of the alpaca. 

There is no amount of money that can compensate for love; however, no animal can survive on love alone. By adopting one of Timber View Farm Alpacas, you will be contributing to their long term care and will ensure that these cuddly creatures will continue to receive a lifetime of love.


Adopting and alpaca is a wonderful gift! 

If you are interested, purchase below and you will receive photos of available alpacas to adopt!  Once you choose an animal, you will receive a photo of your alpaca, a certificate of adoption, a $20.00 gift card to go towards an item of your choice and a visit for up to 6 people to feed the alpacas and learn how to care for these beautiful animals!

Thank you so much!  It takes a special heart to Adopt an animal, and for that we are grateful.